William Placeway was born circa 1764, but other family records indicate he was born circa 1771 at Li…

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William Placeway was born circa 1764, but other family records indicate he was born circa 1771 at Liverpool, Queens County, Nova Scotia. From documented records found, it is seriously doubted that he would have been taken to Philadelphia in 1773 to serve an apprenticeship when he was only a few year old. Records obtained from the Queens Museum, Liverpool, Nova Scotia have confirmed that he is the son of Robert Placeway (Plaiseway) and his wife, Mehitable Hamilton (Godfrey). Mehitable being the widow of Joseph Godfrey. It is believed from the documents that Robert and Mehitable only had two children, a son William and a daughter Mary. However, there is a question of the "possibility" of a third child, a son Robert. If so, this son had died and would not be the son taken to Philadelphia. The diary of "Simeon Perkins of Liverpool, Queens County, Nova Scotia" 1766-1812, page 19, states; Monday - April 26, 1790 ... Yesterday, William Plaiseway, son of the late Robert Plaiseway made his appearance here. He has served an apprenticeship to a comb maker in Philadelphia, and states he has had a severe master. In a footnote of this page it further says. William, son of Robert and Mehitable Placeway or Plaiceway. His father was a Liverpool Proprietor. And again on page 51 it reads (in speaking of Robert Plaiceway): In 1773, his wife and family went to Philadelphia, where a son served his apprenticeship to a comb-maker. This son, William returned to Liverpool in 1790. The records found elsewhere state that William Placeway was a tailor and weaver. Back in those days it was a common practice for the tailor to first learn the act of comb-maker, which was combing the fur, then weaving this into fabric, and then making the tailored goods. We can also document that William Placeway was married to Mary Robbins, the daughter of Nathaniel Robbins on 19 May 1791 in Boston, Massachusetts, by Rev. Samuel Stillman. William moved his family from Boston, Massachusetts, to Plymouth Vermont and from there they moved to Dover, Dutchess County, New York. It's possible that William died in Dutchess County as no records are found of him as his family moved across New York and finally on to Michigan. His family proved productive and were well respected within their communities. Several of the Placeway men proudly served during the Civil War, including Joseph, Silas and John Placeway. This family has since scattered across this country, but it is believed that all of the Placeways currently living throughout the United States, all descend from the one Robert Placeway and his son, William.
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